Writing Back Book by author George Corbett

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Writing Back

Stories from the Brink

by George Corbett

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to steal someone's identity? Have you ever thought about your son going missing in the vicinity of an escaped serial killer? Or, perhaps you would like to know what it might be like to wash up on a deserted island...

Cork House Publishing

Trevor formulated a plan. He did not want to kill the man, as he might potentially need him for information on his history. He decided the best place to keep him would be his apartment, until he was ready to dispose of him.

“Police where called to the home of Freddie Watts, who lives in South Beach. His body had been discovered by his landlady - Victoria Sparks - after she noticed he had not left for several weeks. Mr Watts had two gunshot wounds to the head. The police ask anyone with any information to come forward..”

She tiptoed out into the corridor and followed the sound of the crying, the floorboards creaking beneath her, the fear etched all over her pale face. She found the door which contained the source of the sound, and pushed it open.

I needed to be with her, to smell her asphyxiating scent, to have her hand on my cheek, her lips touching mine.
I could not get out of bed, I had no desire to do anything except see her again. I tried to get back to sleep, hoping that the darkness would bring her back to me, but it was not working, I could not sleep.

Sally told Kirk she was heading to bed, and once again he offered to walk her to her quarters. She did not stop him. This time he followed her, rather than leading, and when she got to her door she spun around. When she looked back at him she felt a lust, a desire for him. She tried to fight it, but it had well and truly ignited inside her.

Arthur attempted to retreat, but the pirate was on him quickly, grabbing him by the ear and throwing him onto the wet red deck. The pirate searched Arthur, and his heart sank as the terrifying man pulled his blood soaked hands out of his pocket, holding the cabin key.


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