George Corbett author

George Corbett

I know that I'm supposed to write a biography, but since I'm not famous this isn’t about me and my past but about my reasons for writing - why I have chosen to create a number of different stories, characters, and environments.

Creating this book is something I have always dreamed of; a way to get people to make the move from flicking on the TV to immersing themselves in something deeper. The short story format is perfect for this. My stories are written to be accessible and inviting to readers who might doubt they have the time to release themselves into a full-size novel. Lots of people like the idea of reading, but with all the technology in the world it is all too easy to settle something more instantly gratifying but arguably much less satisfying.

I have written characters that have never had an actor portray them. Therefore, they are all free to become whatever your brain wants them to be.

It can be an escape, a safe haven, a bit of fun. To an extent, it is an invitation to another world, even if it's only briefly.

Keep reading, thank you.